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Intercultural Systems 
Cross-Cultural Consulting, Training and Executive Coaching

Intercultural Systems is a global intercultural coaching, consulting, and competency development firm founded in Singapore in 1996 and operating worldwide. We are dedicated to bridging cultural gaps in order to improve the effectiveness of relationships, communication and performance.


We focus on helping our clients grow by

Creating interculturally effective strategies

Building leadership capability to develop the truly global organization from the inside out – from the individual to the team to the systems that support the global initiative


Our unique capabilities include:

Blending of leadership, organization and intercultural competency development

Design and facilitation of coaching, consulting, skill development engagements

Alignment of interventions with organization’s global goals


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As water shapes its flow according to the ground, success comes by relating to the surroundings. Just as water retains no constant shape, there is no constant condition.  Thus those who can flexibly adapt their tactics according to the situation shall find success.  Sun Tze