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Kathleen A. Curran
Principal, Intercultural Strategist



Kathleen A. Curran is the principal and managing director of Intercultural Systems, a global intercultural consulting, training and coaching firm founded in Singapore in 1996, offering a global operational network servicing “glocal” needs.  Working in Asia since 1986, she has provided intercultural competency development consulting, training and coaching for multinational corporations, and local organizations in Singapore and the Asian region.  Her clients have included ExxonMobil, Credit Suisse, HP, Alstom, Cisco, Fedex, Discovery Channel, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, APV, Johnson Space Ctr/NASA, TAFEP-Singapore, and Singapore Public Relations Academy.

Personally living and working internationally for over 25 years, Kathleen Curran helps leaders of all levels discover and develop their capability to tap and build human capital; strategically see, assess and cross borders; and execute responsibly - beyond effectiveness - making a positive difference to one’s personal and professional growth and bringing benefit to one’s organization and community.

Kathleen’s areas of specialization include global leadership development, global virtual team performance, innovation across borders and multicultural teambuilding.  She has extensive experience in developing and facilitating interventions that build strategies for achieving innovation and business objectives across cultures and distance, supporting a return on investment and building the truly global organization in mindset, system and practice.
Kathleen believes in supporting leaders in transition.  In addition to working with emerging leaders who are adapting to a new role and expectations, she helps executives with global scope and responsibilities develop the learning agility needed to navigate the ambiguity, risk, and multicultural complexity of global whitewater for exceptional results. She helps leaders build their global executive presence that improves their ability to lead sustainable change across culture and geography.
Her extensive international background gives her the ability to drive the behavioral shifts that set in motion improved communication, collaboration, and productivity; and has the ability to challenge assumptions, provoke thought and question things taken for granted. New doors open to innovation, and personal and professional growth.  
Kathleen holds an M.A. in Intercultural Communication from the University of Texas at Austin and is a graduate of Corporate Coach University.  She has held faculty positions with the Texas International Education Consortium, Institut Teknologi Mara (Malaysia), University of Maryland-European and Asian Divisions, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore), and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Singapore campus, in the business and communication departments. 
Kathleen is co-author of Cultural Detective:  Singapore and Cultural Detective:  Malaysia, intercultural competence training tools ( She is a qualified administrator and interpreter of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI), Social Styles (SS) and Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI).   Kathleen is a contributing author to Success Strategies: High Achievers’ Guide to Success, Insight Publishing, 2008.
Prior to her experience in Asia, Kathleen served as advisor/liaison to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and King Saud University, while with the Saudi Arabian Educational Mission to the United States.
She maintains active membership and participation in SIETAR (International Society for Education, Training and Research), HODN (Houston Organization Development Network), ICI (Institute for Intercultural Communication), ICF (International Coach Federation)


You can contact Kathleen directly at