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   The blue 's' represents flowing water.  Water is the most flexible and adaptable of all elements, which can accommodate any container in which it is placed.  Flexibility and adaptability are two traits Intercultural Systems strives to cultivate in all with whom we work.

Water may appear "soft", but its powers can move mountains.  Just like water, intercultural skills may be perceived as "soft skills" but they are the competencies that can engender smooth flowing operations and synergistic collaborations.

The blue flowing     joins 2 entities that otherwise appear separated. 

The surrounding areas are in balance.  Similarly, Intercultural Systems specializes in looking at systems as a whole, comprised of interconnected and integrated elements, and designing programs that support the global leadership and competency development of our clients - on the individual, team and organizational levels. 

Our interventions are like the pebble tossed into a pond.  At the point of entry, the impact is the greatest. 

As the ripples of results spread, they may appear diminished, but are still felt to the depths of the pond.  Though the surface of the pond has smoothed, the pebble has not vanished but has sunk to the very core.  

It is internalized and becomes a part of the system, thus changing and enriching in many subtle ways the essence of the entire system.